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Unlock access to the inner workings of your brain.

Who We Are

Founded by brothers Heungyeol and Daeyeol Lee, Neurogazer was created to reimagine how we can use neuroscience to better understand what it means to be human. Using machine learning and AI technologies, we empower you to discover who you are.

Our Platforms

Neurogazer operates through three platforms. Our Knowledge Platform provides our teams with direction and guidance. Our Research Platform gathers data and uses powerful predictive models to dive deeper into neuroscience research. Our Service Platform converts data into personalized and deliverable information.

Neuroscience & Medicine

Our Knowledge platform facilitates projects in neuroscience and medicine by providing access not only to our own proprietary data and research, but also to a network of top researchers across the globe.

SAB: Science Advisory Board

These professors make up the Science Advisory Board (SAB), which is divided into the neuroscience (scientists) and clinical departments (doctors). The board’s key roles include overseeing the publishing of our papers, conducting collaborative research, being a source of intellectual property, and validating research.

Brain Science and AI

Our Research Platform is where all of our proprietary brain science data and research is collected. The key purpose of the platform is to use artificial intelligence to better understand the brain while using brain science for the advancement of artificial intelligence technology.

Research & Development for Brain Analysis

With the foundation of research from both the past and present, demographic data, and behavioral data, we are developing numerous models to analyze the human brain.

Brain MRI Analysis & AI Brain Analyzer

Our Service Platform is the foundation of our services and is built off our Research Platform. It includes our MRI Analysis Engine and AI Brain Analyzer, which are both used to analyze data to produce insights about a person’s brain, including specific functions and susceptibilities, so we can understand their cognitive experiences.

Web Based Service

Once we receive the final results, people are able to interact with their data to inform their health and their future.

Brain Analysis Service

Neurogazer can provide you with a Brain Analysis Report (BAR), which includes information on a person’s development, aging, brain functions, and behavioral risks. Together, these equip you with the insights you need to better your future.
  • Age 10-15
    (Children & Adolescents)

    Service began in January 2023
  • Age 21-59

    Planned for release post 2024
  • Age 60+
    (Middle Aged to Elderly)

    Under Development for release in late 2023


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