Our Platforms

Neurogazer operates through three platforms. Our Knowledge Platform provides our teams with direction and guidance. Our Research Platform gathers data and uses powerful predictive models to dive deeper into neuroscience research. Our Service Platform converts data into personalized and deliverable information.

Knowledge Platform

Neuroscience & Medicine

Our Knowledge Platform facilitates projects in neuroscience and medicine by providing access not only to our own proprietary data and research, but also to a network of top researchers across the globe.

SAB: Science Advisory Board

Our Science Advisory Board consists of  scientists (neuroscience) and doctors (clinical). The board’s key roles include setting research goals, conducting collaborative research, and creating intellectual property.

Research Platform

Brain and AI

Our Research Platform is where all of our proprietary brain science data is collected and research is conducted. The key purpose of the platform is to use artificial intelligence to better understand the brain.

R&D for Brain Analysis

Utilizing all the research we have accumulated, demographic data, and behavioral data, we are developing cutting-edge models to analyze the human brain.

Service Platform

Brain Analysis & AI Analyzer

Our Service Platform expands upon data provided by our Research Platform. It includes our MRI Analysis Engine and AI Brain Analyzer, which translate the data to produce insights about a person’s brain. These include specific functions and susceptibilities.

BAS and SaMD

We provide online and offline tools which allow customers to access and interact with their brain data.