Neurogazer, a startup specializing in brain science supported by world-class scholars

Neurogazer (Heungyeol Lee, CEO) is a brain science-based startup founded in May 2014, entering its 7th year.

Brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) analysis, provides brain information that can be diagnosed and predicted through comprehensive information such as abilities and aptitudes, including growth and aging status, as well as specific brain diseases.

The science advisory board of Neurogazer consists of renown scholars. Daeyeol Lee, the brother of Heungyeol Lee (CEO), is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at Johns Hopkins University. Together, the siblings as CEO and CSO of Neurogazer collaborate. Heungyeol Lee(CEO), they have been thinking about the start-up period and environment since the early 2010s through understanding brain science and information technology (IT).

Heungyeol Lee devoted six years to build a platform for commercialization. There are three platforms of Neurogazer. It is a human platform, a research platform for brain science research support, and a service platform for business, where world-class scientists who can contribute to scientific development can exchange. He faced world-class scientists directly with the help of Professor Daeyeol Lee to support the company’s research. In order to establish a U.S. corporation, they traveled from the western to the eastern part of the United States. He said, “Even when the company was in crisis due to serious financial difficulties, I never hesitated for a moment about the research support the company is conducting.”


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