Our Services

Neurogazer provides two main service categories: Brain Analysis Service and Software as a Medical Device. Alcyone, our first Brain Analysis Service, is for 10-15 year-olds. Our Software as a Medical Device is currently under development with the goal of diagnosing dementia, anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and more.

What Is a Brain Analysis Service?

Neurogazer can provide you with a report, which includes information on a person’s development, aging, brain functions, and behavioral risks. Together, these equip you with the insights you need to better your future.
  • Age 10-15
    (Children & Adolescents)

    Coming October 2022
  • Age 21-59

    Coming after 2024
  • Age 60+
    (Middle Aged to Elderly)

    Coming mid 2023

Alcyone (10-15)

Alcyone is the first Brain Analysis Service for adolescents ages 10-15. This service provides customers both offline and online access for a newfound experience.

Brain Risk Reviews

Due to your brain’s complexity, you may have unforeseen vulnerabilities that can put you at risk. With our report, now you can see the potential risks to your brain's current state.

Brain Ages

You can learn to what extent your brain and its regions have developed relative to your actual age.

Brain Connectivity

Through an analysis of your brain, you can learn how its distinct regions are connected to one another.

Brain Functions

Your behaviors and abilities result from various brain areas working in tandem. By measuring these, you can find out how your brain is currently functioning.

  • Health, Ability & Aptitude related

    79 Brain Functions

  • Mental disorders related

    40 Brain Risk Review